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TopScroller can scroll text, fade it and zoom it. When you want to use it on your site, which is free for non-commercial sites, you should read the following:

How to edit TopScroller?

The following code should be placed between the <APPLET...> and </APPLET> tags:

Possible animations:


<APPLET CODE="TopScroller.class" WIDTH=450 HEIGHT=50>
<PARAM name="bgcolor" value="00003D">
<PARAM name="fontsize" value="20">
<PARAM name="fontcolor" value="EAEABD">
<PARAM name="message2" value="This is">
<PARAM name="in2" value="scroll,left,5">
<PARAM name="out2" value="fade,15">
<PARAM name="message3" value="TopScroller">
<PARAM name="in3" value="fade,15">
<PARAM name="out3" value="scroll,right,5">
<PARAM name="message4" value="It can scroll...">
<PARAM name="in4" value="scroll,right,5">
<PARAM name="out4" value="scroll,left,5">
<PARAM name="message5" value="...fade...">
<PARAM name="in5" value="fade,5">
<PARAM name="out5" value="fade,5">
<PARAM name="message6" value="...and zoom!">
<PARAM name="in6" value="zoom,10">
<PARAM name="out6" value="zoom,10">